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A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group - Fort Lauderdale Branch

A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group - Fort Lauderdale
4901 NW 17th Way Suite 202
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
United States

Mon To Fri 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Thank you for considering A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group - Fort Lauderdale Branch to help you during this difficult time. We know you can choose many other practices to help during this time of need. So we hope that you can take a minute to learn about us to make an informed decision on who you choose to work with for Therapy in Fort Lauderdale.

We know it takes a lot to finally seek professional help because we, too, have sought help in our personal lives. Read more to learn more about A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group - Fort Lauderdale Branch, our beliefs, our individual approach, and our passion for helping you.

Our Fort Lauderdale Counseling And Therapy Services Include:

• EMDR Therapy
• Marriage Counseling
• Couples Counseling
• Couples Therapy
• Marriage and Family Therapy
• Family Counseling
• Relationship Counseling
• Teen Counseling
• Veterans Counseling
• First Responders Counseling
• Trauma Counseling
• PTSD Counseling
• PTSD Therapy
• Addiction Therapy
• Addiction Interventions

A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group Of Fort Lauderdale is a different kind of therapy practice. We hire the best therapists that specialize in each area that we serve. We work differently because we believe that no one therapist can do everything. Some practices have one therapist who works with young children, teenagers, adults, and even seniors in all practice areas.

You see, they don't become really good at one thing because they do a little bit of everything. And our guests avoid this poor quality of care every day.

All of our counselors and therapists in Fort Lauderdale are specifically trained in the area that they practice because we believe that your story deserves an expert. We want to restore the trust that our guests have in counseling, and we do that by the very way we define our clients.

The Encarta Dictionary defines a patient as someone who receives medical treatment, who's willing to endure delays, obstacles, and other problems. A guest, however, is someone that receives hospitality from another. See, we've redefined the practice of therapy in Fort Lauderdale by the very experience that our guests receive from the initial phone call to the moment they enter our office.

We've created an environment within our office that is sacred because we believe that guests should always walk into an office that's welcoming and encouraging with every detail attended to.

From our lighting to our colors and artwork to smaller details like even the tissues we use, every detail matters when you're a guest. And we believe that when we pair that perfect environment with the ideal therapist, our guests heal.

Our commitment to our guests is simple, and it's truly what sets us apart from other therapy practices in the Fort Lauderdale area. If by session four you're not seeing the difference and starting to discover yourself again, we ask that you fire us. We call this our "Get Better Guarantee."

See, we believe that by putting our guests in control of their lives from session one, we allow relationships to establish themselves in trust. The way it should be. Our guests know exactly what they're working on and how much longer therapy will be because it starts to reflect in the quality of life that they're living.

We believe that through this commitment to our guests, we hold ourselves accountable for your results. The quality of the work that our guests do is the very reason they don't need years of therapy, and our guests experience this life change every day.

We always offer a free phone consultation to ensure we have a therapist that can meet your specific needs. We will never work with a guest that we are not completely confident we can help. And if for any reason we're not the right practice, we will personally connect you with the appropriate therapist in your area.

This is truly therapy redefined and what we want to offer you today. At A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group, we don't just offer counseling. We provide results through quality counseling.

Call our Counselors and Therapists in Fort Lauderdale today for a free consultation and learn how we can help. Your story deserves it.
A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group

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